Apple announced that various stores will also be licensed to repair Mac PCs after receiving training and original parts.

Apple provides access to major parts and resources needed to repair Macs, as does the iPhone. The new decision is in line with the development of a program called Independent Repair Provider, or IRP, that Apple launched last year. Under the new plan, eligible companies will receive original Apple components with free training and diagnostics. As a result, miscellaneous stores can also perform routine out-of-warranty computer repairs for customers.

The IRP program was first launched in the United States last year. The Cupertino's first added iPhones to the standalone repair program, and now Macs are included in the coverage. "We're delighted to be expanding the online repair service to cover Mac computers," said Jeff Williams, Apple's chief operating officer. Apple customers can now repair their Macs with original parts. We want people to have access to safe and reliable solutions when a device needs to be repaired.