Long-term business success requires organizations to transform, innovate, and take risks.

This principle drives companies to embrace the latest high-tech products and services to ensure they don’t fall behind in the digital economy.

Unfortunately, the integration of new martech sometimes comes at the expense of discarding traditional tools – a potentially costly mistake.

Traditional marketing is still a valuable asset for any B2B Organization.

And as new technologies emerge, the art of synergizing traditional marketing with digital marketing is worth mastering.

In order to realize the full potential of new digital tools and move leads down the funnel and ultimately convert buyers, marketers need to employ a holistic, omnichannel approach that retains a role for traditional marketing.

The digital revolution has greatly enhanced marketers’ ability to reach, engage, and convert their ideal target audiences.

But traditional marketing tactics like direct mail, networking, and cold calling are still vital for building a memorable and ultimately, profitable brand.

Building an effective marketing strategy means reaping the best of both worlds by seamlessly integrating new channels with traditional assets.